Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exercise for the win

I have recently started an exercise routine. I perform calisthenics almost daily.. A mix of many variations of push-ups, crunches, bodyweight squats..

I ready a book by Matt Furey titled, "Combat Conditioning". I have begun experimenting with some of the exercises in the book and have begun what he calls the "Royal Court", which consists of Hindu sqauts, Hindu push-ups, and the "king", the back bridge. I've noticed quite the difference in my body as of now. I plan to being a jogging routine as well, once this snow decides to leave... -_-

Anyway, I recommend everyone to try to get into shape. Most people these days live almost entirely sedentary lives. We didn't evolve to sit in front of a desk all day.. I say get moving and get healthy. You can never be too healthy.


  1. yeah, hope it goes well for you. i should care more about my body, but i still get bitches, so i don't know why i have to worry.

  2. Health and general well-being, of course!

    As well as fitness for combat!

    Thank you guys for the luck.. I believe 50% or so people who begin a routine fail.

  3. I just started my own schedule of treadmill/working out to combat my spending most of the day at my computer. I've felt considerably better about myself since then. I also recommend cutting soda from your diet and replacing it with water.

  4. That's a very good point Auatarch. I've even taken the steps of eliminating certain foods from my diet entirely. I'm motivated to write about some of this stuff now.. Good luck with your routine!

  5. ima start next week hitting the gym and aiming for that abs

  6. I feel you. During the summer, I dropped 25 pounds to reach my ideal weight of 170. Now, I've just been toning my body and trying to get stronger by doing preacher curls, back exercises, and shoulder exercises (I have the weakest shoulders ever). Feels good. The only thing I still hate doing is running, but I'm trying to change that.