Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Oblivion Char?

Woke up at like 1800 hours today.. Wow it's late lol. Not much to do today so I figure I will make a new Khajiit thief in Oblivion. Not much going on for me today.. I hope everyone had a very good weekend! Good luck on Monday :P.

I hope all of my readers are interested in what is going on in the world. Here I'll post some videos concerning the happening in America. Please watch

Quantitative Easing Explained:

Bank Bailouts Explained:

^^^ A complex issue explained very simply so that anyone can understand. Share and enjoy! ^_^

These videos can be found on I take no credit for the production of these videos. All I am doing is sharing them with my readers. Thank you for reading!


  1. these are great for explaining to the average person some complicated issues

  2. I love these kinds of videos. A gentle explanation for a variety of complex and stimulating topics. Kind of ironic if you think about it. Kudos.

  3. As someone in the finance industry, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the two clips. Thank you kind sir

  4. Good luck with your new playthrough. I'm a big Oblivion fan :p

  5. I've seen those videos before, good share.

  6. Great blog, Im totally following you now. Check out my blog to if youd like.

  7. Thanks for the videos. I do not live in the US, so these videos are helping me.

  8. quite informative. thank you

  9. - Be a Khajiti
    - Master hand to hand
    - Join mages guild
    - Create opponent regain health spell
    - Find/create nemesis
    - Uses hand to hand to drain fatigue
    - Heal health when low
    - Spend hours beating an unconcious man
    -Feel like god

    I spent days wasting my life doing that alone. Another fun thing to do is save up around 50 'rat meats', jump up and down till you've got no fatigue, jump of bridge, open menu and eat all rat meats at once. Then just watch as your character randomly flails up 50ft in the air.

  10. You've inspired me to make a new oblivion char.

  11. i love these vids. have a good week!

  12. I should probably get oblivion. And learn some more about finance.

  13. It's a little patronizing, isn't it?